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Where are the V.I. bands this year?

Posted by blessings 
Where are the V.I. bands this year?
April 23, 2006 09:21AM
What is SNWMF without Midnite, Bambu Station, and all of the other solid VI artists?
Please bring them here!!!
Re: Where are the V.I. bands this year?
April 23, 2006 11:52AM
kee-p the fire blazing in st. croix.
let the yhouth of v.i. keep snwmf in full representation.
too much filler without substance pass for king music these days.
i stand wit the stx roots xplosion an feel that ther must be some reason it feel like them put on back burner. tamp the iron whene fyah hot .
make them work harder, but no festival ever give them chance for full headline weigh. always use as side stage or full day-give weigh for support of all progression an continue support.ites iani know them could handle responsibility.
forward call for stx.
Re: Where are the V.I. bands this year?
April 23, 2006 02:13PM

Please show me the 'filler without substance' on this year's lineup. Yes, there is 1 or reggae artists that would not be my 'first choice' to bring to this year's festival that is coming as part of a 'touring package'. and yes, there is too much 'filler without substance' that passes for king's music these days, but i ain't seeing that on the bill here.

And while you are at it, show me a festival that has given 'the youth of v.i.' more exposure than SNWMF.....
Re: Where are the V.I. bands this year?
April 23, 2006 05:15PM
agreed Daniel...as i remeber, last year there was a really nice showcase including Army, Prressure, and others...and of Course Midnite!! So everyone should just relax, cause there are some VI artists coming this year as well too...I understand that maybe the festy needs to give other bands a chance, and some a break...

Love n Light~
Re: Where are the V.I. bands this year?
April 23, 2006 05:33PM
I have to say I have gotten my fill of STX artists last year. If ya live in Ca, there are so many chances to catch these artists over and over. Big Up sierrfa nevada for the wicked lineup. True old school JA artists a run things for true. My bredrin is working on throwing an all st croix festival out in the beautiful state of vermont later this summer. I'll keep ya posted as things progress. As far as filler at this years snwmf, I'd also have to disagree. I've been attending for the last 8 years or so, and would have to say I am the most excited about this years event. Many of the orig artists are getting old, and if we don't utilize them now, ya never know if there will be another chance. Many youth coming out of St croix, and I'm sure that they will be around for awhile. Its too bad we never had a chance to see Barry Brown out here at the fest, or D brown for that matter. There music willl always live on, but opportunities to see them live can only last so long.
Re: Where are the V.I. bands this year?
April 23, 2006 08:18PM
Are these the guys from Roots Foundation, throwing the show in Vermont? Just curious to know what they're up to. Mostly because there was talk of so much more from the label, but then everything just disappear.
Re: Where are the V.I. bands this year?
April 23, 2006 08:44PM
Hey stevo-Is that the old napabink? What's up. Actually, the bredrin who has been trying to put this show together, David Roots, is not w/ RF but are definitely friends. As far as Roots Foundation, more things will definitely be coming soon. When, I don't know. But expect more nice 7" releases, some on the same rhythms, and some new ones I believe as well. I have heard many of these tunes and they are wicked. Papa Roots has been waiting to get the proper mixes, from someone special and longtime in the business. We'll see how they turn out once the work begins. The RF label did take a long hiatus from the new releases, they were just focusing on running RF Hi Fi out east. Hopefully, we'll see another return to the west coast from these guys sometime soon/
Re: Where are the V.I. bands this year?
April 23, 2006 09:07PM
King David-
Yes, this is napabink. I remember meeting you once before when you were selecting down at Oasis. Thanks for the info. I can't imagine a better riddim than "Jah Fire Throne" coming from any place, much less the US. Maximum respect to Roots Foundation. Do you know of anyone who has some extras of these 45's still? The only one I managed to get my hands on was the Cornell Campbell "Paint Face Warrior". So Killer. My email is above. Respect.
Re: Where are the V.I. bands this year?
April 23, 2006 10:36PM
Hey stevo- I can't believe that only a few years later, that some of these releases are selling on eBay ranging between $15-$85. Unbelievable!! I'll check around and see what I can dig up. Now that people see how the sales of these are going, it may be hard for anyone to free up. I'll check my boxes and see if I have any multiples. Stay in touch. Love to link sometime soon.
Re: Where are the V.I. bands this year?
April 24, 2006 01:19AM
kingdavid, did you say papa roots is moving out here? Roots foundation hi-fi whaaa
Re: Where are the V.I. bands this year?
April 24, 2006 03:51AM
only respects no offenses i intend Daniel.
it was statement regarding much of what is commercial feasible as reggae today.
not directed at 2006 snwmf lineup, i no of no problems with the true vibes of the prophet, ras micheal, mir, shaka, carlos, more an more on the up an ups.
an it is true that snwmf has been anchor an root for much of stx in cali.
give thanks for this true.
i was forwardin the call for full representation in terms of all industry.
when is an artist seen as being worthy, capable, an of quality for headline stats?
so often i see stx artists pulling weight of heAvy tours, long hot afternoon sets,
ya knnow planting all fields an still feels like massive in cali looks other way for
i state in other post how positive an righteous snwmf sets standard with roots representation, an necessary for positive areas where ini can gather in harmony.
just forwarding the call for advancement an support in areas where still i believe can strengthen lineup as whole. local an across the seas.
Re: Where are the V.I. bands this year?
April 24, 2006 06:31AM
back in 2002, i was the ONLY person standing in front of the stage when Midnite started playing. & now just a few years later people think SNWMF is not legit without them.
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