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Santa Cruz tings?

Posted by sideways 
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Santa Cruz tings?
May 06, 2006 12:58AM
what are some top spots,eats/sights ect to do for someone who has never been there?
Re: Santa Cruz tings?
May 06, 2006 03:17AM
Greetings Sideways,

There are a variety of beaches along the coast to explore..you can pretty much exit Highway 1 anywhere in the county and find beach access.

There is great food to be found all over the county as well. If you are into vegetarian cuisine, I would recommend Cafe Malabar on Soquel Ave., or Cafe Brazil on Mission Street.

You should take a walk downtown to check out the Pacific Garden mall, where Santa Cruz's finest bums, spangers, gutterpunks, hipsters, and spunyons mingle amongst Soccer Moms shopping at over priced boutiques and coffee shops.

Depending on how much time you've got, you might drive up Highway 9 into the Santa Cruz Mountains to check out the Redwoods..Henry Cowell Redwood Park is nice place to hike.

There will be a diverse selection of live music going on every night of the week. Next week, for example, we have Batch and Attitude on Wednesday, Warrior King on Thursday, Wailing Souls on Friday and Groundation on Saturday.

Are you coming up next week?

Re: Santa Cruz tings?
May 06, 2006 05:00AM
Hey trinity milk!!

yes i am. to see Wailing!!! cant wait to take it all in. will stay a few days for the first time.(usually i am just at a venue and thats it, return home)
will eat Cafe Malabar definitially.
Re: Santa Cruz tings?
May 10, 2006 06:44PM
And check out the UC campus. One of the most beautiful in the US.