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Posted by roots_ee 
May 11, 2006 12:11AM
Healing Santa Cruz With One Love
Santa Cruz, California - Labor Day
Free Admission!
Our next event will be in San Lorenzo River Park in downtown Santa
Cruz, California on Labor Day, September 4, 2006. The event will
include addresses from Native American elders, Tibetan monks,
religious leaders and local teachers of love. It will also include
performances by local and internationally-known conscious artists
whose message reinforces our own. Already Grammy-award nominee reggae
artist Luciano and recording artist Mikey General have said they are
coming to perform at this event. All speakers and performers donate
their time and talent for free.
Click For Our Home Page [www.rastaheart.com]

To date, our family has organized and hosted 74 of these "One Love
Events" in Jamaica and on Native American reservations, colleges and
at public venues in the U.S. All these events encourage the audience
to claim themselves as teachers of love - as peacemakers - by
exercising love and forgiveness in their lives. All are
non-commercial, involve no outside funding and are free to the public.
They are non-denominational, apolitical and bring forward a message of
universal love for all.
Our latest event, produced in conjunction with the Jamaican
government, was for Bob Marley's 60th Birthday Celebration on February
6, 2005 in Kingston, Jamaica with a live audience of tens of thousands
and a TV and radio audience of almost two million. It included
presentations by the Governor General, the Minister of Education, the
Minister of Tourism and many civic leaders and conscious talk show
hosts. Twenty well-known recording artists also performed.

These events have often led to a community-wide healing. Our five
events on the Hopi reservation catalyzed their defeating reservation
gambling and preserving their ancient ways. Our events on the
Havasupai reservation on the floor of the Grand Canyon help them in
electing a pro-environmental tribal council committed to protecting
the Canyon. In Jamaica, our 54 concerts brought a much-needed message
of love to the island.

We believe that if the peacemakers - those people teaching love in
the community - can gather together and revitalize each other as well
as encourage others to join them as peacemakers, they can have a
positive effect on the entire community manifesting in lower crime,
drug abuse, domestic abuse, etc. We encourage each person to heal the
small piece of the planet the Creator has assigned them by simply
loving and forgiving as much as they can. We have chosen Santa Cruz
for our first major event in an American city as we feel it is fertile
ground for healing itself with love.

HOPI ELDERS VISIT JAMAICA (Photo by Roy Sweetland-Kingston)
Radford and Lorna Quamahongnewa, their daughter, Dawn, son-in-law
Duane and grandson, Rad, were guests of Elaine Wint and Carol Narcisse
and their wellness festival, Wellfest, and at local schools in
Kingston, Jamaica on April 28-30. Last September, Elaine and Carol
journeyed to Hopiland with us, John Fray and Abijah to meet the
Quamahongnewas, who are featured in our latest book, The Beauty Path:
A Native American Journey Into One Love. The Hopis are considered by
all Native American tribes as the most culturally and spiritually
intact. They are revered for their ancient wisdom and prophecies.
Radford is a traditional spiritual leader and the spokesperson for the
elders of the village of Shungopavi, the "Mother Village" of the
This is not a casual visit but rather one of great significance - one
that completes a "sacred circle" and is part of ancient prophecy.
Almost 1,000 years ago, the tribe made a Covenant with the Creator to
stay on their land and practice their ways in order to become the
first society of "Hopi," which in their language means "Peaceful
People." For almost a millennium they have done this, keeping alive
their sacred Ceremonial Cycle, a year-long series of ceremonies that,
through song, dance, drumming and spoken word, contains all human
wisdom. There are ceremonies teaching generosity, courage, agape,
forgiveness, loyalty, patience, devotion, compassion, non-violence,
respect for women, etc. They were told this work was not just for
themselves but for all humanity.
Their elders tell us that they are very close to completing their
Covenant. After centuries of struggling with the violence and
corruption within human nature, after decades-long conflicts with the
white race, neighboring tribes and within their own villages, the
elders believe they may be within one generation of finally becoming
Hopi - The Peaceful People. Their prophecies instructed them to now
share this knowledge with the world.
They went to Jamaica because Jamaica has helped them in their sacred
task. Conscious reggae music has been popular on the reservation for
over twenty years. It has become a powerful drumbeat, reinforcing
their ancient instructions of love and forgiveness. In the last two
decades, there have been almost 70 reggae concerts on the Hopi
reservation featuring Jamaican artists. All reinforced the tribe's
message of love and helped the tribe, especially the youth, to stay on
the road Home - to stay on the Hopi Way.
The Hopi elders journeyed to Jamaica with their message of love and
forgiveness to close this sacred circle - to repay the Jamaican people
who through their turmoil have birthed a musical message of love that
has helped the tribe complete their sacred mission. As they have
helped the Hopi complete their Covenant, they now can help Jamaica to
complete hers as stated in her National Pledge to "play her part in
advancing the welfare of the whole human race. The Quamahongnewas
journey through the island was filmed by Nathan Koenig and Shelli
Lipton, our friends who run the Woodstock Museum. It will soon be
available as a DVD.
(This article was reprinted in part in the April 27 Jamaica Observer -
see link below)

Click here to go to Jamaica Observer Article

We will have a booth at the Sierra Nevada World Music Festival in
Mendocino County, California June 23-25. Artists will include Ras
Michael, Gregory Issacs, Culture, Coco Tea, Don Carlos and many more.
Join us if you can! For more info: www.snwmf.com
Click to go to SNWMF site [www.snwmf.com]

This book is a combination of Native American wisdom and prophecy,
as well as our personal journey through Jamaica and several Native
American tribes. In it, you will meet many people devoted to healing
the planet by awakening others to their true destiny as peacemakers.
It also offers guidance for determining your own personal Beauty Path.
Join us as we visit the Havasupai in their ancient village on the
floor of the Grand Canyon, a six-hour trek from the closest road.
Listen in as we reason with elders of the Hopi, one of the most
spiritual and culturally-intact tribes, whose sacred Ceremonial Cycle
holds all human wisdom. Visit the "Valley of the Vapors," where many
tribes once gathered in peace. Join us as we host One Love concerts
and events throughout Jamaica and on Indian reservations - spreading a
message of love and forgiveness, following in the footsteps of The
Peacemaker of the ancient Iroquois Confederacy - the first democracy.
"I highly recommend this book for anyone wanting to learn more about
Native American culture and spirituality." - Leonard Peltier, Native
American leader, Nobel Peace Prize nominee, author of Prison Writings:
My Life Is My Sundance
"Through this book, all cultures the world over will see that love and
peace, friendly and happy relationships and elongated life are long
due." - Radford Quamahongnewa, Traditional Hopi Elder of Shungopavi
"This could be the Father's plan - without the revolution." - Supai
Waters, Havasupai Keeper-of-the-Secrets
If you would like to order a copy, just click below and we will ship
it to you (signed). We are selling the books at $7.50 (a 50%
discount). All profits go back to the Hopi and Havasupai tribes.

Or read free on line by going to:
Click here to order book [www.rastaheart.com]

one love one peace
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