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Hatred is divisive. In so many places around the world old lies and common sense half truths pile up - decay and rejuvenate themselves. Cyprus is no different from anywhere else in this sense. Amongst a vast ocean of misconceptions about "each other" and "ourselves" a few poets, musicians and producers have created this music with a positive message. It was no easy task and may be this is what makes Cyprus so uncomfortably exceptional. 28 years of division and working together is still a taboo subject! All the songs recorded were created mutually via the internet in three different studio locations. That in itself makes this one of the most unique recording projects of this new millennium.

The determination to create works together makes Poetz4Peace really tick. Our mission is peace and the music is some of the most positive vibes ever to come out of the deepest Mediterranean.

Poetz4Peace are a group of poets, singers, musicians, and studio personnel who believe true world peace can be achieved through the universal language of music. Much of the creative process was done through the magic of cyberspace. Olive Tree Music and Poetz4Peace first came together via the Internet, exchanging beats, ideas and lyrics online. After completing the  recording the group developed the first cyber music label based in Cyprus. One of the offshoots of the company, in collaboration with Positive Sound Massive Recordings, is a remix site where people around the world can remix one of the band's tracks.

Who are they, these Poetz4Peace?

Zeki Ali - Steffen Franz - Haji Mike

An international collective of musicians, vocalists, poets and studio personnel who have teamed up to make some amazing musical and lyrical fusions. We work in many different locations in Cyprus and in the USA; aiming to be transglobalculturalists- with a shared perspectives. The overall aim is to establish an independent, positive minded music label by the end of 2003 and in the meantime share some reasoning with audiences throughout the world.

What they saying?

Steffen Franz aka Stand Out Selector - San Francisco based producer, remixer, beatmiester/PSM label founder. Facilitates the process and keeps the team inspired: Our mission, to make this music heard throughout the world and to enjoy the knowledge that we are doing something that is changing the world around us for the better. Steffen has produced over 30 full length CDs including tracks, albums and remixes with internationally known artists such as; Barrington Levy, Nicodemus, Shinehead, Mix Master Mike, Rocker-T, Jamalski, Ras Michael and the Sons of Negus, and Automator (aka Dan Nakamura), just to name a few. His production style favors early KRS-1's "edutainment" style and hybridizing Dancehall Reggae and Hip Hop riddims.

Zeki Ali -poet/writer and radio presenter As a poet in a small island community Zeki strongly believes that peace is inevitable and division will be a subject in the history books. But he also believes that we can't sit down and wait for it. Our trials will be the greatest gifts to our children and we lovingly take our part in it. Peace is not just an alternative to war: its a way of life. A universal religion. We are simple people who are proud to be simple. We have nothing to lose. Instead of being the objects of manipulation by others we prefer to stand up and say you can not be right on everything and every time. We don't want to see our future blocked by the mistakes of people from the past.

Haji Mike: poet/musician/producer /vragga dagga don: It all came about as a natural process - as if it was really meant to happen for a reason. One day we'll go down in the history books. Most of all, the optimism of doing something actually locally based, professional and forward thinking, that's what makes it so fresh - so daring and so different.

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