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SambaDá is soaring to new heights with the release of the album "Salve a Bahia". After nearly a decade of mixing musical backgrounds and influences, a new sound has emerged that truly separates them from any other group. With one foot firmly rooted in California, and another in the deep cultural traditions of Brazil, SambaDá serves up non-stop percussion driven dance music that leaves people dripping wet and calling for more.

While Brazilian natives Papiba Godinho and Dandha da Hora bring their profound knowledge and respect for the roots of Afro-Brazilian song and dance, the entire band has developed a style of samba-reggae-funk with a universal appeal. SambaDá musically unites the Americas, drawing from percussion based styles of South and Central America, blending it with that good old funk and reggae/ska back beat so familiar to crowds of Mexico and the United States.

During a live show, you can expect to see people of all cultures and ages jump and sing to the sounds of SambaDá. People flock to participate in the party when this group comes to town. The band has been successfully selling out venues up and down the California coast. 2007 is sure to be the best year for the band, as it will start the year off with a Carnival Tour, playing the 3 largest carnival parties in the state of Ca. SambaDá has shared stages with Ozomatli, Brett Dennen, Sound Tribe Sector 9, Olodum, Anjelique Kidjo, Airto Moreira, to name a few and their current album is a collaboration with 3-time Grammy nominated producer Greg Landau.

Papiba Godinho
Born and raised in Brazilia, Brazil, Papiba landed in Santa Cruz in 1992. As well as teaching Capoeira and founding Raizes do Brasil Capoeira School, his musical talents and dedication to sharing Brazilian culture lead him to form SambaDá in 1997. Papiba is a gifted song writer and composes much of SambaDá’s original music. Papiba’s infectious enthusiasm for what he does comes across in every show and brings people together. A “Mestre” (master teacher) of Capoeira (a Brazilian Art Form fusing dance, martial art and music), Papiba is a natural leader and teacher. His music is shaped and inspired by the spirit of capoeira.

Dandha Da Hora
Born and raised in Salvador, Bahia, Dandha has been a member of Ile Aiye, one of Brazil’s most important musical and cultural institutions, since she was 6 years old. She brings the incredible spirit of Salvaldor and of Ile Aiye to SambaDá and we are lucky to have her! A master dancer as well as vocalist and percussionist, Dandha honors the incredible gifts of her culture everytime she performs. As a lead dancer with Ile Aiye, Dandha has shared the stage with Brazilian stars such as Caetano Veloso, Gilberto Gil and Daniela Mercury. As well as performing with Ile Aiye and SambaDá, Dandha teaches Afro Brazilian dance all over the San Francisco Bay Area.

Anne Stafford
Anne Stafford was born and raised in Sonoma County, CA. Anne first started playing saxophone in her Jr. High School Jazz Band, inspired by her teacher, the late jazz trumpet player Frederick J. Coleman. She studied jazz and ethnomusicology at UCSC and Cabrillo College. In 1998, she joined SambaDá, where her jazz background merged happily with AfroBrazilian samba. Anne has studied with Bay Area saxophonist Mel Martin. Anne also performs with Esther’s Klezmer Band.

Kevin Dorn
Also born and raised in Southern CA, bassist Kevin “Pescador” Dorn is dedicated to the groove. Kevin’s love of music and passion for performing continually inspire SambaDá. In addition to the bass guitar, Kevin has been playing Brazilian percussion with Papiba for over 10 years and now teaches Brazilian drumming in Monterey, CA. After studying music at Cabrillo College in Santa Cruz, Kevin forged a full time career teaching and playing music. Kevin is also a founding member of the band Burn and spent many years playing with local salsa favorites Broken English.

Gary Kehoe
Gary has been drumming at the forefront of world music in Santa Cruz and the Bay Area for decades and his experience and energy are a constant inspiration. Gary Kehoe was born and raised in Minnesota and while never forgetting his midwestern roots, made a home and an amazing musical career of 30+ years in Santa Cruz, CA.

Will Kahn
Will was born and raised in the unusual Northern CA coastal town of Bolinas, which is maybe part of the reason he is such a unique person. Will Kahn combines natural talent with a dedication to studying and pursuing music which shows in his skillful, soulful drumming. Will’s love of funk and reggae merges naturally and magically with samba and Afro Brazilian music. Will has studied with notable Bay Area drum teachers Chuck Brown and Ken Deluge. Will also performs with Vinyl, the UCSC Gospel Choir, and is a founding member of the Santa Cruz funk project What the Funk.

Marcel Menard
Percussionist Marcel Menard brings all the urban energy and inspiration of growing up in Los Angeles, CA to his music. Marcel studied music and art at the Los Angeles Co High School for Arts and continued to explore the world of percussion after moving to Santa Cruz in 1991. Marcel has spent many years dedicated to increasing his knowledge of Brazilian music and culture, including living in Brazil to immerse himself in the language, culture and music there. Marcel adds a tremendous amount to SambaDá with his boundless enthusiasm and hard work, his masterful percussion and vocals and his positive spirit.

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