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Talk about getting lost in music. Richard Blair was a rising producer in the U.K., working with Peter Gabriel's Real World sound factory and a host of international stars when he took a fateful detour to Bogota, Colombia, back in 1992. Thinking hed spend a few months, Blair tarried in Colombia for three years, transformed the local music scene, and then returned to the U.K. under the nom-du-club Sidestepper and did the same to London's percolating drum 'n' bass scene.

The album "More Grip" is 21st century salsa, drum´ n bass direct from the developing world. Imagine the heat of Latin club shot through with endorphin rush of junglist clatter or the boom of a drum 'n' bass session deepened with tropical percussion and horns. Forget what you heard Sidestepper is the real Latin boom.

Beat junkies already know that the Sidestepper story begins with the sui generis singles "Maine" and "Logozo" (Palm's Phat Global #1), the mighty 12-inches that brought Latin fire to the dancehall. More Grip takes Blair's vision further, wrapping vocals and live instruments around his devastating bass lines. Featuring some of Colombias most lethal singers and players like Aterciopelados vocalist Andrea Echeverri and Carlos Vives songwriter/Bloque vocalist Ivan Benavides, More Grip does for Latin music what Bristol prophets Massive Attack and Roni Size did for R&B and hip-hop.

Richard Blair - Bass & Beats
Richard Blair is an engineer, producer, DJ amd musician who studied music as a child, sang in the school choir, and as a teenager played drums and keyboards in various bands. He began to work in recording studios in 1988, at Sinewave in Birmingham UK, where he worked with reggae guitarist basil gabbidon from Steel Pulse, and the emerging Bhangra scene in the asian community. In 1989 he took up a job at Real World studios as an assitant engineer for Peter Gabriel. he worked on the Gabriel record`s (1992) as an engineer , but more importantly programmer, providing beats and grooves using the emerging technology of samplers and computers. He also worked with many artists from around the world during the time at Real World, including Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, and Toto la Momposina . In 1993, he came to Colombia for the first time, invited by Toto, and spent the next 3 years there, producing many colombian artists, including a record for Carlos Vives, La Tierra de el Olvido, where he met Ivan Benavides, future collaborator in sidestepper. He also worked during this time in mexico , producing records for Azul Violeta. in 1996 he began the process that would lead to sidestepper, travelling between Colombia and the UK, the first single maine came out in 1997 on a small london label. Since then he has concentrated on the band sidestepper, altho has continued to produce , for example cuban band Asere`s "Cuban soul " in 1998 . Sidestepper have now released 4 albums , and with the band now based in bogota, continue to play in colombia, the US and europe.

Iván Benavides - Guitar/Vocals
Iván is one of Colombia's biggest talents, and I met him when he was the writer, and I was the producer of the Carlos Vives record "la tierra de el olvido'.  He is also well known for his work as Ivan Y Lucia, as well as collaborator with Carlos Vives, and more recently with his band Bloque de Busqueda Also participated as a judge on the TV program Popstar in Colombia. Ivan is simply one of the best songwriters I have ever met, anywhere in the world. In this record 3AM, I could not have done it without him, he was a solid , constant and wise influence, and I think wrote some of his best ever songs.

Janio Coronado - Vocals
Janio is a highly respected Colombian singer, who currently works with the band Alquimia, and tours constantly with them throughout Latin and North America. I first worked with Janio on the last sidestepper record "more grip", where I felt an immediate connection, and was very impressed with his extraordinary voice, experience and technique. On 3AM, Janio wrote and sang the tune "no llorare" which perfectly represents the sweet and soulful vibe he brings to the band.
On stage, he is a marvel, the consummate "showman", he never fails to deliver a great show.

Erika Muñoz - Vocals
Erika Muñoz was "discovered" by the program Popstar in Colombia, although she has been a singer for many years already, working with folkloric groups in Barranquilla. She has a wonderful voice, and an impressive musical intelligence. On stage she has a presence that belies her years, and is already shining like the star she deserves to become.
Kike Egurrola - Drums
Kike Egurrola is another young talent, from Santa Marta. He is a protégé of the legendary Paulino Salgado, aka Batata, and he is truly the new representation of that heritage. He plays drums and tambor ( the Colombian hand drum ) with equal swing , heart and soul.
He gives the rhythm section great solidity, and has a profound understanding of the Caribbean grooves we use in the band.
He also plays with pernet in the "ravers", and does a lot of work as a session player in Bogotá.

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