SNWMF 2014 - Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I bring my pet?
A: Sorry, no pets are allowed at SNWMF.

Q: If I arrive before my friends can I hold the camp spot next to me for them?
A: Unfortunately not. Vehicles are parked in the order in which they arrive. The best way to be camped next to your friends is to come through the processing line at the same time.

Q: Are we allowed to bring shade structures or patio/beach umbrellas into the music bowl?
A: SNWMF no longer permits shade structures (e.g., pop-up tents, patio/beach umbrellas) into the music bowl. SNWMF will be providing additional shade in areas of the Valley Stage for 2014. In addition, our Village stage area is a natural shade oasis with great music throughout the day.

Q: If I have a camper or shell on my pick-up truck, is that considered a Car/SUV?
A: Yes. Only vehicles that are towing a camper/trailer are considered a RV/Bus.

Q: Can we bring alcohol into the music bowl areas.
A: Definitely not. No alcohol is permitted to come in/out of the music bowl gates. However, if you are camping, and have purchased alcohol at the market, we do allow alcohol to come into the campgrounds only.

Q: Do you sell ice at the festival?
A: SNWMF does not sell ice. However, ice may be purchased at either of the two convenience stores in town.

Q: Can we arrive to vehicle camp anytime, if we purchased our camp ticket in advance?
A: SNWMF has new camp hours: Friday 9am – 9am; Saturday 9am – 3pm. You can only arrive during these hours.

Q: Are we allowed to leave our children in the kids area, while we go watch the show?
A: You are responsible for the supervision of your children, at all times. SNWMF only provides activities and entertainment for the children.

Q: How late can we stay on the property?
A: Everyone must vacate the property by, Monday at 12pm.

Q: Can I sell my homemade wares at the show?
A: Vending is not allowed, unless you have been accepted as one of our pre-approved festival vendors.

Q: Can we park our car in the town of Boonville, for overnight?
A: No. SNWMF will have an ordinance in place that prohibits overnight parking/camping in town. In addition, there is a “2 Hour Customer Parking Only!” ordinance in front of local businesses.

Q: Can we use our open-flame BBQ in the campgrounds?
A: No, but we do allow gas stove BBQ’s

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