For decades, listeners have been impressed by Tim Cain's prodigious musical abilities. As a sax player, he co-founded the popular 60's San Francisco rock group "The Sons of Champlin", which toured nationally and produced 6 albums. Later, while raising a family, he continued to perform and produce music, but of a more acoustical nature and always with attention to fine quality and with a great deal of heart. Now Tim is making major tracks with music concerts and recordings especially for children ages 3-8.

In his work, Tim not only imparts his love of music, but offers himself as an example for kids. He was paralyzed from the waist down with polio at age 7 and believes children benefit from seeing him, with his handicap, as "just a regular person whose legs don't work". He charms his audiences with the same indomitable spirit that helped him overcome adversity, and his happy-to-be-alive attitude is infectious and inspiring.

Sing-Along Concerts for Kids

Guitar in hand, Tim Cain at his sing-along concerts provides an opportunity for children, as well as parents, to participate in a positive group experience with singing and movement. His warmth, good humor, and spontaneity make his shows engaging and accessible to all. Lots of laughter accompanies a rollicking good time. Tim knows that happy childhoods last a lifetime, and his efforts contribute to that goal by giving young audiences a dose of joy that they'll cherish and remember.

I have watched Tim weave a musical thread of love around each child. Someone with his talent is so rare. Not only did the children respond and participate in his music, they fell in love with him!
- Director, ABC Preschool Academy, Marin County, CA

Audio and Performance Awards

In addition to performing over 200 concerts a year, Tim Cain has released 5 albums and a DVD for children that readily become family treasures. His CDs have received numerous national awards and honors from The Parents’ Choice Foundation, The National Association of Parenting Publications, and the American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers (ASCAP), among others.

“We feel as strongly about Tim Cain’s music as we did the first time we heard Raffi and introduced his music to Tucson. The first time we sold his music at our store, we were out of his albums in two days.”
- Owner, Mrs.Tiggy-Winkle’s Toys, Tucson, AZ


Tim Cain's Web Site


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