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Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra
Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra

In late 80's,the band was doing tons of live performances in the streets and the clubs of Tokyo. The name,"TOKYO SKA PARADISE ORCHESTRA" showing their overpowering performance, the number of the audience grew, and in 1989,they released a yellow 12'vinyl record, "TOKYO SKA PARADISE ORCHESTRA" as an indie. As they gathered attention, they made their major debut with the single, 'MONSTER ROCK' and their album,"SKA PARA TOU-JOU" the following year. Since then, with their root, ska, they have been "TOKYO SKA PARADISE ORCHESTRA" on all of their ska-based activities, and with their borderless "Tokyo ska" sound, they are chivalrous and one of the leading live performing bands in the world.

As they started off with the ska sound that was not actually the main sound in the scene, it all owes to this group of more than 10 people who charged out of from Tokyo¡Çs underground scene and showing the innovated and blast-off action, that the Japanese music scene aroused as it is now. In 1991, the year after their debut, they collected more than ten thousand people into the Nippon Budokan. As they have released 8 original records, the many live performances in and out of Japan counting over a thousand times,"the professionalism: never compromise" and ¡Èthe spirit: no daring, no fun!" with 100% of their lifestyle, would extremely lie in the records and the live performances of TOKYO SKA PARADISE ORCHESTRA.

They saw withdrawals,accidents and the death of members in the group, but even these troubles would not stop them from proceeding. They would challenge themselves and refresh the group by changing the members. In 1993, after the bandmaster ASA-CHANG left the band, they continued performing without a leader, where each and every one of the members rotated the bandmaster's position, collected motifs of the music, and insisted on arranging and producing. The excellent relationship that they would at times be equivalent of each other and at times jump on each other, but never forget surprise us, proves this. It is very much rare even around the world that a band of this form who had been performing over a long time, could constantly be leading the music scene.

Not only successful as musicians and DJs,but also the owners of their label called "JUSTA RECORD", they've continuously released albums from original ska to nowadays top-flight-figured music, and it comes up with the sounds that is absolutely a new proposal towards the club scene as well as the dance floor. They are also publishing "JUSTA MAGAZINE"(Vol.4) as the label magazine on a irregular basis.

After releasing the album ¡ÈFULL-TENSION BEATERS¡É in Europe in December of 2000, TOKYO SKA PARADISE ORCEHSTRA had launched out an European tour for 11 venues within 12 days around France, Belgium, Holland and Germany. The final day of the tour was held in Berlin, and this new century countdown live drove the skinheads in Europe wild, and astonished many ska freaks.

The ska originator,"SKATALITES" invited them to join their US Tour, and even the Mr. DUB Giant,
DENNIS BOVELL mentioned, "I would always be available for them.¡É TOKYO SKA PARADISE ORCHESTRA is the one deserving special ska bands standing out among the ska bands around the world, and musical performers who contribute many aspects of music like the authentic ska, Jazz and rock to their sounds. Many overseas artists or music industry people are always eager to buy their
CDs while staying in Japan to bring them back home. Needless to say, TOKYO SKA PARADISE ORCHESTRA has been a great longing for ska music lovers from all over the world.

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