Tony Rebel is threatening to become an institution! Armed with the Order of Distinction from the Government of Jamaica and a most credible, sincere voice, the 'Rebel with a cause' has, become arguably the most imposing figure in Jamaica's entertainment industry. After a mere twelve years on a music scene marked by ambiguities, at times, disorder, Tony Rebel remains the bedrock of consciousness. Christened "Best New Artiste of the Year" in 1991, following the release of his worldwide smash hits, "Fresh Vegetable" and "Sweet Jamaica" catapulted into the sweet embrace of success, a razor sharp producer and the promoter of a colossal roots festival, now a decade old, Tony Rebel's accomplishment is consummate.

The Rebel has come full circle. His stature as an entertainer is now legendary. From the confident young man who won his first Deejay contest in 1984 to one of the most arresting public figures around, this constantly inventive and versatile artiste has utilized his artistic endowment to its fullest. A strong advocate of solid but open-minded Rastafarian thinking, Tony Rebel remains fiercely opposed to 'slackness' an violence. Instead he courageously set his own trend and led a wave of message musicians back to reggae's spiritual roots.

Today, he moves like a man driven by purpose. His eyes reflect his maturity and vast experience and his gait and character lay bare an artiste untainted by his success.

Fresh Vegetable became the launch pad for a series of hits by Tony Rebel. Tunes such as 'Armour', "Chatty-Chatty", "Nazarite Vow" and "Sweet Jamaica", were to propel him into the bosom of Columbia Records. Within two years, Tony Rebel was at the top of his game. He was double-featured on the Grammy nominated Stir-it-Up compilation album, courtesy of Chaos / Columbia and had consecutive Certified Gold success on the 'Cool Runnings' Soundtrack. In 1991, Rebel rode the big waves. He recorded the Billboard Chart busting single, "Weekend Love" with Motown Recording Artist Queen Latifah and his album in North America "Vibes of The Time" went straight to #1 on the CMJ Charts and remained at or near the top of that and various other charts for several months.

His celebrated prominence and his Rastafarian Outlook, has allowed him, since that first national DJ contest in 1984 to consistently resist the musical tendency towards slackness and violence. Lauded today as the father of the 'cultural revolution', Tony Rebel stands tall at the pedestal of his career with a string of conscious hits. A most proficient lyricist with careful enunciation, the potency of Tony Rebel's righteous raps is undeniable. Songs such as 'Reggae on Top' and 'Teach the Children' have become musical rallying cries while 'Sweet Jamaica' and 'Jah By My Side' have been publicly acclaimed as unofficial national anthems.

'Jah By My Side', acknowledged for its beauty and power, copped several local and international awards. Today, over eight years after its release, its magnetic appeal continues to reverberate. Tony Rebel's desire to spread its message has transformed another musical first for this exceptional artiste. To the absolute delight of reggae fans in countries such as Puerto Rico, Chile, Nicaragua and Venezuela, Tony Rebel recorded a Spanish version of this melody to the infectious Latin beat.

Undoubtedly, Tony Rebel is at the forefront of what is perhaps the most pivotal movement in contemporary reggae history; the union of roots and dancehall.

Headlining concerts from Jamaica and the Caribbean to North America, Europe and Africa and performing before as many as 670,000 foreign fans, this cultural ambassador has taken his effervescent message of peace and love to open hearts on every continent.

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