Jamaica had always been considered the capital of roots reggae music, but for the past few years that image has slowly changed, mostly due to the musical explosion occurring in the U.S. Virgin Islands. Volcano, a.k.a. Lava, is erupting through the reggae scene with his powerful chanting, amazing lyrics and unique rhythms, bringing a whole new approach to roots music.

Born and raised in the town of Frederiksted, St. Croix, Volcano hails from a musical family of six brothers, and his father is a well known Calypso musician named King Ritchie. He started singing at the tender age of eight, participating in several school talent shows.

At the age of nineteen, while residing in Atlanta, GA, Volcano began his professional musical career working with the Messenger High Fi Sound System, making a name for himself, as well as the Virgin Islands.

For the past eleven years he has performed alongside well known artists such as Sizzla, Turbulence, Capleton, Dezarie, Anthony B, Warrior King and the Yin Yang Twins, a well known rap group, among others.

In January 2006 Volcano was featured in the “Itinualjah” compilation, released by Natural Vibes, LLC / Het-Heru ENT., with two smash hits, “Won” and “Pushtru”, which received excellent reviews. His long awaited debut album, “Mo Fyah Chant” is due for release also by Natural Vibes, LLC / Het-Heru ENT. in August 1st 2006.

Volcano draws his divine inspiration from his strong faith rooted in the Livity and Culture of Rastafari, which permeates each and every one of his songs. He is undoubtedly well on his way to become one of the most influential voices in roots reggae music of the millennium.

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