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Willi Williams

One of the true foundation members of reggae music. Best known as a producer and as the composer of "Armagideon Time" an international hit song for himself and the British Pop Group "The Clash". Willi Williams has been writing, producing and performing music for over 35 years. Williams' songs express his vision, ideals and philosophy through music that speaks to audiences of all kinds. His performances internationally have touched Reggae and Pop fans alike.

"Like Marcus Garvey and Bob Marley, Williams carries with him what Bunny Wailer would term 'prophetical messages,' those of human co-operation and uprightness:" Kareen Karim, Echoes, London

A soft-spoken man with a clear sense of purpose, Williams sings with a combination of laid-back beauty and intensity. His arrangements are an unorthodox blend of Reggae and Soul Rhythms, possibly the result of his varied early influences which includes Reggae Stars Delroy Wilson, Bob Andy, along with Quincy Jones, Lou Rawls, Stevie Wonder and Four Tops.

"New voices of reggae, a solid breath of fresh air" Alan Niester, Globe and Mail, Toronto

Born in Jamaica, Willi Williams began his career there while he was still in school. At Coxone Dodd's Studio One-widely know as "Reggae College"-he worked with some of the biggest names in Reggae. Throughout his career, he has worked with such diverse performers as Jackie Mittoo, Burning Spear, Mighty Diamonds, Black Uhuru, The Wailers Band and Jimmy Cliff. His songs have been recorded by the Clash, Delroy Wilson, Dennis Brown, Gregory Isaacs, Deelite, Apache Indian, Dean Fraser, Born Jamericans and a host of other artists.

"Dean of Reggae whose songs are tautly constructed with vocals pitched somewhere between Dennis Brown and Bunny Wailer." Lenny Stoute, Toronto Star, Toronto

Williams performs throughout the world in Clubs and concerts. He has performed at charity benefits for Green Peace and Amnesty International, on records and on his self-produced music video "Jungle" which has been seen on Music Channels on both sides of the Atlantic, in addition, has written songs for a number of Movie Projects in Canada and the United States. Movies such as Soul Survivor, Grosse Point Blank and Ghost Dog Way of The Samuri. He has appeared on BBC radio and television, including a special co-starring Ultravox, Roger Daltry of The Who along with many others.

"Willi Williams Reggae Survivor" L'affich Magazine, SAI, Paris

As he spends more time in the studio and on stage, Willi Williams is gaining recognition as one of the important voices, producer and musician of our time.

"Reality, that is what music is supposed to be about." Willi Williams

Willi Williams still produces and distributes original Roots music on his own Record Label 'Drum Street Music'

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