Windy City has been teamed up since 2004.

They started off playing soul/latin boogaloo/ reggae music in the beginning, but began focusing more on reggae music after finding out that there are many similarities between reggae and Korean traditional culture.

Windy City has played in many festivals in Korea as headliners and also played in many festivals outside of Korea including SunSet Live, Kazeno Matsuri (Japan) Fat Festival, Smiley Reggae Festival (Thailand), Young Generation of London Jazz night (UK), Mosaic festival (Singapore) and more.

They hope to find and share the original meaning of life through reggae music.


Anywhere that there are clean hands and pure heart.

  Listen to the Music of Windy City
    SNWMF 2013: Spotlight on Windy City

Links: Windy City's Web Site

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