Alika is described as "The Reality of Roots, The Kindness of Reggae, Dancehall Strength and Sincerity of Hip Hop." She is a worthy representative of the Latin American Dancehall scene, an iconic figure of the fight against injustices and violence in the Argentine and Latin American "barrios."

Alika started her career in 1994 with a band, but she quickly took wing and set up a solo career that lead her beyond her expectations. Alika has been said to awaken the reggae world in Argentina with engaged lyrics, breathtaking energy and remarkable stage presence.

Her charisma and presence on stage have allowed her to take her show to festivals, theaters, clubs, schools, hospitals and even prisons around the world-including Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Bolivia, Peru, Brasil, Colombia, Ecuador, Venezuela, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Mexico, United States of America. France, Spain and Andorra - marking a truly amazing career for someone who to this day remains an independent artist.

Her tune "Yo Tengo el don" feat. Tito y La Liga is included in the soundtrack of the videogame "Grand Theft Auto V."

If you have not already her Alika's voice, do not miss her performance at SNWMF25.