Camping Gate Hours
Friday: 9:00am - 8:00pm
Saturday: 9:00am - noon
Close: Monday @ 12:00pm


The Mendocino County Fairgrounds is located in Boonville, the heart of Anderson Valley. The pastoral beauty and colorful history of the region makes for a wonderful camping environment. We ask all campers to respect one another and this beautiful site.

Sierra Nevada World Music Festival strives to create a positive, respectful, conscious community of music lovers. We ask that all campers contribute to the community. Please recycle, respect your neighbors and take care of one another.

SNWMF is committed to the Re-Greening of Planet Earth.

No Dogs!!!

Keep in mind, no amplified music is allowed in the campground. Please make other arrangements for Thursday night as no vehicles will be accommodated on site. Some alternatives close by are Hendy Woods State Park or Paul M. Dimmick Campground.

No skateboards, bicycles, scooters, etc, or motorized vehicles allowed on site (i.e. mopeds, ATVs, segways).


SNWMF continues to support zero waste tolerance and will be recycling waste.

How SNWMF attendees can participate in greening:

Car Pool! Don't come alone! Save gas and reduce carbon emissions.

Bring your own water bottle. Leave no trace at your music listening spot or at your campsite.

Never put recycling in the trash. It's better to leave it beside the can. The green team will dispose of it soon.

When packing for SNWMF, you should pack reusable to-go ware (plates, utensils, cups) and your own reusable, refillable water bottles.

Bring your own plate and utensils when visiting the Food Vendors. Our sumptuous food vendors are prepared to serve on your own plate.

If not, start with the green can when you've finished your meal.

















Photo by Lee Abel


A limited number of camping tickets for SNWMF 2018 are now available for purchase.  Camping is for 3-day ticket holders only and are likely to sell out prior to the start of the festival. 

$250 BUS/RV - Sold Out!
$350 RV W/HOOKUPS - Sold Out!

Friday: 9:00am - 8:00pm
Saturday: 9:00am - noon
Close: Monday @ 12:00pm



No Dogs and Other Pets Allowed
We are SERIOUS about no dogs. All vehicles will be subject to a "Dog-Gone" SEARCH at entry gate. Cars with dogs and other pets must leave and tickets will not be refunded.

Camping Hours
Camping opens at 9am on Friday, June 22nd. Early arrivals will not be allowed on site. Camping is not allowed in the town of Boonville. Please make other arrangements for Thursday night. Camping closes at 8pm on Friday and reopens for new campers at 9am Saturday. Camping closes to late arrivers at 12pm Saturday. The campground closes at noon on Monday, June 25th.

No overnight parking on Hwy 128 between posted signs. No Parking on Lambert Lane, and 2 Hour Customer Only Parking in front of Boonville businesses. Free Festival Parking is available at the Anderson Valley High School through noon on Monday, June 23rd.

No In & Outs
Once a vehicle is directed to its campsite, it cannot leave the campground and return. Vehicles that leave the campground will be required to pay for camping again upon return, if space is available.

Illegal Substances
As with any other public venue, those observed using, possessing or selling illegal substances will be subject to prosecution.

No Vending
Sierra Nevada World Music Festival adheres to strict Mendocino County Environmental Health regulations. Anyone unauthorized to be selling food or wares in the campground or anywhere on the premises are subject to revocation of their festival privileges and be ejected. Campground vending is not tolerated and is unfair to those vendors who pay a fee to sell their food or crafts at SNWMF.

Sound Curfew
The Fairgrounds has a sound curfew of 10pm. Quiet time is from 10pm - 8am in the campgrounds. Out of respect for the neighbors of Anderson Valley and other campers, NO AMPLIFIED MUSIC IN THE CAMPGROUND.

No Ground Fires, Fire Pits, Open-Flame BBQs or Fireworks Allowed
Gas stoves okay. Please practice fire safety in the campground.

Keep Fire Lanes Clear
No parking or set-up in fire lanes. Any vehicles or belongings in the fire lanes will be towed or removed without notice, at owner's expense.

Prohibited Items
ITEMS NOT ALLOWED ON THE PREMISES: Dogs or other pets, Fireworks, Campfires, Firearms, Skateboards, Bicycles, Scooters, Amplified Music, Air Horns, Unauthorized Vending, Off-Road Motorized Vehicles, & Illegal Substances are not allowed on any portion of the premises. All vehicles camping on site are subject to search, vehicles with any prohibited items will not be allowed to remain on premises, and camping and music tickets will not be refunded.

ITEMS NOT ALLOWED IN THE MUSIC ARENA: No Video Equipment, Pop-Up Tents, Patio/Beach Umbrellas (hand-held umbrellas < 38" okay), High-Back Chairs, Aerosol Cans, Glass, Skateboards, Bicycles, Roller Blades or Skates. No alcoholic beverages are permitted to enter or leave the music arena gates. All patrons and their belongings, entering the music arena are subject to search.