Sierra Nevada World Music Festival 1997


"Satta Massagana" is an anthem in reggae music, known by all, versioned by many. We now have a rare opportunity to hear its original authors, the Abyssinians, voice it with all of its pained intensity. The song, taken from the Ethiopian language Amharic, is a vision of Zion, away from this temporal plane--"...there is a Land, far far away, where's there's no night, there's only day...." The Abyssinians, consisting of Bernard Collins, Donald Manning, and David Morrison, are arresting and captivatin, in their costumes of red, green, and yellow robes. One of the very few remaining roots harmony trios left in reggae, they have not been given the recognition they deserve. The Abyssinians intriguing vocal harmonies are unique and instantly recognizable. Don't miss this uncommon outing by one of reggae's most important, visionary and Dread contributors.

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