Sierra Nevada World Music Festival 1997

Barrington Levy

The King is Conscious! The "undisputed king of Dancehall," Barrington Levy is a man with a message. Recording his first album at the ripe old age of 16, Barrington has risen to the top of the charts recently with a CD entitled, appropriately, Barrington Levy.

This dynamic production features new musical directions provided by Sly and Robbie, and in it Barrington shares his talents with other rappers with something to say. Levy's trademark vocal riff, a Swiss yodel-style "whoa-oh-oh," soaring up and down the scales, has made his style instantly identifiable. Barrington, with his charismatic stage presence, has become a smash success in the UK with Prison Oval Rock. With his ability to handle lover's rock and ballads as well as dancehall ravers, Barrington Levy promises to be a tough act to follow

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