Sierra Nevada World Music Festival 1997

The Original Wailers Band

The Original Wailers Band is one of the mightiest, most original and enduring forces in Jamaican music. Although original drummer Carlton Barrett was murdered in 1987, the remainder of the band is as it was during all of Bob Marley's spellbinding live performances. With guitarist Al Anderson now on vocals, the band has been carrying on Bob's message and vibration since his passing.

The music and grooves of the Wailers band is of that order of that other-worldly thing that transcends fleeting notice and etches a permanent mark in the Scroll of Music of All Time. It was part and parcel of the Bob Marley Experience, which has penetrated every inhabited region of the planet. One has only to listen to any of Marley's albums to understand their individual and collective genius. Besides extensive touring, the band has recorded several albums featuring original material and continues to spread the vibes. Half of the the Wailers Band has been at it for 24 years now, with no end in sight.

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