June 22, 23 & 24, 2012

SNWMF 2012 - Music Lineup by Day with Starting Times

Friday, June 22nd

Saturday, June 23rd

Sunday, June 24th

Valley Stage:

Valley Stage:

Valley Stage:


Third World


Jimmy Cliff






Linton Kwesi Johnson &


Cherine Anderson


J Boog


The Dennis Bovell Dub Band


The Twinkle Brothers




Israel Vibration


Della Grant


Hot Rain


Johnny Osbourne



Village Stage:


Romain Virgo


Dub Nation


Lutan Fyah


Sister Nancy


House Of Shem




Prince Alla

Village Stage:


Prince Alla w/ Earl Zero





In The Dancehall:

Village Stage:


Locos Por Juana


David Rodigan




Chico Trujillo




Jah Sun & Lion Camp

Starting Times are Approximate


Globesonic Sound System



Zion Train w/ Rocker-T

Lineup Subject to Change



 In The Dancehall:


Stone Love


Comanche High Power


About The Artists:

Jimmy Cliff: With a legacy stretching back nearly 50 years, the Honorable Jimmy Cliff is still standing as one of the prime movers and continuing shapers of modern music. With a catalog that ranks among the most influential in global culture, Cliff remains a voice of power & conscience, creating new music as vital and vibrant as ever. - More

Luciano: Reggae is music and much more. It's a rhythm set to a poor man’s cry, a pledge from singer to struggler that “better must come.” No other reggae singer today delivers that promise with as much grace, power, and heart as Jamaican baritone Luciano. Luciano will make his First West Coast appearance in 4 years at SNWMF. - More

Linton Kwesi Johnson: Over the last 30 years, LKJ has been a spokesperson for British persons of color, musical watchdog over the establishment, and Caribbean poet voice, delivered in a sharp suit with an austere authority. His recordings are amongst the top-selling reggae albums in the world, & he is known as the first reggae poet.. - More

Third World: Third World holds the mantel as one of the longest running reggae bands.  Formed in 1973, this 10 time Grammy nominated band continues to steer a clear path along their musical journey, spreading good vibes along the way with a message that moves peoples' mind and a rhythm that moves peoples' dancing feet. - More

Israel Vibration: A living lesson in “rising above” life’s adversities, international reggae group Israel Vibration success began humbly.  Having contracted Poliomyelitis, Cecil "Skelly" Spence and Lacelle "Wiss" Bulgin met as children while at the Mona Rehabilitation Center near Kingston where they learned to play music & sing. - More

The Twinkle Brothers: The Twinkle Brothers hail from the North Coast of Jamaica and the ghettos of Falmouth, in the Parish of Trelawny. The two brothers, Norman and Ralston Grant, started singing in the Sunday school choir at ages six and eight. They made their musical instruments because they could not afford to buy them. - More

Iration: The islands of Hawaii are not only the biggest influence on Iration’s sound they are home to all of its members. Iration was born from a love of all types of music and a desire to create something new. Elements of reggae, rock, and pop are mixed with keyboard/synth and melodic vocal lines to create something truly unique. - More

J Boog: J Boog is a man of many influences. The singer of Samoan descent was born in Long Beach and raised in Compton. Growing up in the rough streets of Compton, the strong sense of tradition and culture that J Boog absorbed from his family was instrumental in his path to stay off the streets and begin a successful music career. - More

Johnny Osbourne: "The Godfather of Dancehall" is the well-deserved moniker for Johnny Osbourne, describing his contribution to reggae music as it evolved from the local Jamaican community to the international arena. A string of hits dating from the late sixties through the nineties defines Johnny's longevity and artistic ability. - More

Lutan Fyah: Lutan Fyah is the epitome of perseverance. After years of toil building an underground following, the diminutive vocalist is on the brink of a major breakthrough. Lutan is keen to emulate Dennis Brown and Garnet Silk by singing hard-hitting message songs & making commercial sounds that will introduce him to the mainstream. - More

Fiji: George Veikoso (a.k.a. "Fiji") may be the most versatile male vocalist in Hawai'i. His incredible vocal instrument ranges from bass to a falsetto so pure it can be confused for a female soprano. He does all his own harmonies and is the most in-demand male studio back-up singer in the islands. - More

Cherine Anderson: In our modern day parade of glamour, glitz and unmerited superstardom, Cherine has taken today’s road less traveled; the path of paying dues, cultivating her abilities and developing her signature Dancehall Soul sound; a mixture of dancehall, reggae, soul and r&b. - More

Romain Virgo: In 2007 singer Romain Virgo, then just 17 years old, made history as the youngest person to win Digicel Rising Stars, Jamaica’s wildly popular TV talent competition. His chart topper “Can’t Sleep” is included on Romain’s impressive, self-titled debut album, released in the summer of 2010 on VP Records. - More

David Rodigan ~ Photo by Sista IrieDavid Rodigan: Rodigan was born of Scott/Irish parentage having a Scottish father and an Irish mother. At the age of approximately 15, Rodigan began buying records leading up to his first playing out date at age 16 in 1967. The first arena for Rodigan’s DJ skill was a youth club playing to teenagers like himself. - More

Stone Love: Stone Love represents the popular street culture of dancehall. When Wee-Pow began spinning in the early '70s, the hot Kingston nights would boom with open-air dances, animated by sound systems. Stone Love soon became a must-hear, drawing long lines and jamming every venue. - More

Perfect: If you haven’t heard about the ‘Hand Cart Bwoy,’ you must be living in a cave on a remote, deserted island because Perfect is one of the most powerful, intriguing and refreshing voices on today’s Reggae/ Dancehall scene. His lyrics are deep and straightforward yet melodious, leaving you to listen over and over. - More

Katchafire: This all Maori reggae band from New Zealand has achieved phenomenal success. A unique sound from a unique band, a soleful taste of reggae that soothes, kiwi driven roots flavor added with subtleties of the groups musical influences, Katchafire reaches well beyond their boundaries to audiences and listeners everywhere. - More

Sister Nancy: Sister Nancy was born Ophlin Russell on January 2, 1962 in Kingston, Jamaica. She is a a dancehall DJ and singer known to the world as the first female dancehall DJ.  A dominating female voice on the dancehall scene for over two decades, her imfamous song "Bam Bam" is a known to be a classic reggae anthem. - More

Prince Alla: Prince Alla is a true legend of reggae music with a career spanning more than 30 years. A serious, humble and genuine rastaman, in recent years he has also worked with Jah Shaka and Jah Warrior, whilst his classic material has been brought to the attention of a new audience courtesy of the Blood & Fire reissue label. - More

Earl Zero: Earl Zero was born in the poorer Greenwich Town area of Kingston, Jamaica. By the mid 1970s, when Zero began to meet fellow neighbor-musicians such as Earl "Chinna" Smith, Greenwich Town was an area ripe for the flowering of Rasta, and Z's songs, such as "Shackles and Chains," began to reflect this way of life. - More

Chico Trujillo: Chico Trujillo is one of Chile's most important orchestras. They are the soundtrack to every party from Arica to Punta Arenas. Their mixture of classic cumbia, bolero, reggae, latin american and balcanic music has assured them an audience from every generation and all walks of life. - More

Della Grant: A gifted singer from a family of talented musicians, Della Grant has been singing since the age of six. Her acceptance in the reggae community has been not only welcomed but also embraced. Her poise as a singer, her grace as an artist and her talent as a human being can be heard and seen through her music. - More

Locos Por Juana: Locos Por Juana is a 2x Grammy Nominated, bilingual Jam-Band formed in Miami, FL in the year 2000 most notably recognized by their electrifying dynamism onstage and their unique take of Afro-Caribbean Music. Locos Por Juana's sound is a distinct one, drawing from the members' diverse backgrounds.  - More

LoCura: Direct from San Francisco’s fertile music scene, LoCura mixes Flamenco with Reggae and Cumbia with Ska through contagious rhythms and multiple languages that takes you on a ride through a day in the emerging globalized experience where the movement of people and ideas are in constant flux. - More

Zion Train: Zion Train are Dub/Dance pioneers and have been undisputed leaders in the genre for the past 2 decades.  They are one of the finest live dub acts on the planet and promoted the practice of dynamic onstage dub mixing which they perform alongside acoustic instruments and the best vocalists. - More

Dub Nation: Dub Nation returns to festival stages this summer supporting the release of its long-awaited album Rising Force for Change and renews its musical vows after a very long hiatus. After years of cultivating the new sound, the band has brought it out into the live arena for the summer of 2012 starting with SNWMF. - More

Afrolicious: Afrolicious is Joe & Oz McGuire’s foray into African music. Together they started San Francisco’s legendary weekly party called “Afrolicious”, which has evolved into a band. Working with musicians from all over the diaspora, this project explores deep admiration and respect for the rhythms and sounds from Africa. - More

AfroMassive: A distinguishing powerhouse of sound and intrigue, AfroMassive is a new ensemble bringing the masses exciting new music with a mission to turn on your brain and make you get down. The group is based in the thriving and creative breeding grounds of northern California, with a sound rooted in Afrobeat and funk. - More

Rocker-T: Rocker-T began toasting for the Brooklyn based Eruption Hi-Power and TNT Boys & Girls in 1988. At the same time, he formed Jah Warrior Shelter Hi-Fidelity Sound System fronting the sound as both a selector and an MC. In 1995 he headed to the west coast and toured extensively with Jah Levi and the Higher Reasoning. - More

iKronik: iKronik represents the future of the “classic” reggae band. With years of experience playing on the largest stages worldwide; having racked up millions of frequent flier miles and travelled many a highway and byway…the members of iKronik present that well deserved breath of fresh air to the reggae music industry. - More

Hot Rain: Formed in the summer of 1999, Hot Rain is no new comer to Hawaii's island music scene. They have been capable of moving crowds since early in their musical journey. Hot Rain earned a reputation as Hawaii's mainstay backing band on the islands due to their musicianship and ability to learn an artist's music quickly and exactly. - More

GlobeSonic Sound System: The Globesonic Sound System was founded in NYC in the summer of 1999 by music Fabian Alsultany. Focusing on representing the modernization of world music, GlobeSonic is a DJ collective spinning a high-energy ecstatic dance celebration of the earth’s musical heritage. - More

House Of Shem: House of Shem hail from Aotearoa, New Zealand and like many legendary reggae groups this band is built around the classic harmony trio format. When performing live, the band’s incredible tightness, heavenly harmonies, conscious lyrics and blend of traditional with contemporary reggae will leave you spellbound. - More

Jah Sun: Jah Sun has quickly emerged as the pre-eminent California Reggae artist in the 21st Century. With huge international reggae anthems and a commitment to conscious living, Jah Sun’s music and message has spread the world over. From fierce hip-hop, to melodic ballads, he brings something for everyone. - More

Indubious: Rising up out out of the fertile soil of Southern Oregon's Rogue Valley, the group known as Indubious come to spread high vibes through their earth-shattering sound. Their sound is an eclectic mix of reggae, dance hall, new roots reggae and electro funk fusion jams creating a sound destined to change the face of music. - More

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