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Soul Syndicate's "Harvest Uptown" was the initial release of Epiphany Records and it remains a classic to this date, with hits like Harvest Uptown, Fade Away and Mariwana.

The legendary Earl Zero teams up with Chinna and Soul Syndicate for "Visions Of Love" which includes ten tracks including the timeless selection None Shall Escape The Judgment.

Soul Syndicate returns with "Was, Is And Always", that includes vocals from Tony Chin, Chinna Smith, Fully Fullwood and Santa Davis along with some killer horn selections courtesy of Tenor and Trommy.

Mark 'Flo' Volman and Howard 'Eddie' Kaylan join forces with some of Jamaica's leading musicians including Chinna Smith, Augustus Pablo, Aston Barrett and Leslie Butler on the 1981 release "Rock Steady".

In 1982 Epiphany Records released the debut album of sticksman Max Edwards that contains 9 tracks including the hits S.I.A. and the massive title track "Rockers Arena".

Soul Syndicate: Family And Friends highlights some of the best music previously released by Epiphany Records, and includes new selections from Blue Riddim Band, Freddie McGregor and Augustus Pablo.

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