We are proud to present Australia's Nattali Rize, in an encore performance as a solo performer at SNWMF 2018. She last graced our stage in 2015, when she appeared on both the Valley Stage and in an impromptu performance in the late night Dancehall that brought down the house!

Nattali Rize is a vocalist/guitarist/songwriter known for her politically minded, reggae-influenced music. An indigenous woman from Byron Bay, Rize (once referred to as Natalie Pa'apa'a) initially began producing music as a member of the group Pores and Skin, alongside partner Carlo Santone.

In 2004, the two relocated to Melbourne and created the eight-member roots-and-reggae music group Blue King Brown, with whom they performed for over ten years. During that time, Blue King Brown appeared at our festival and was widely acclaimed for their energetic performance on the Valley Stage in 2009.

After relocating to Jamaica in 2014, Pa'apa'a started working on solo material and used the stage name Nattali Rize, purportedly influenced by both the Native American term "natt" indicating "loudspeaker" as well as the Bob Marley musical message calling on people to "Rise" up against oppression.

In 2015, she collaborated with the reggae ensemble Notis on her debut solo EP, New Era Frequency. Included on that recording was the well-received track, Rebel Love, featuring Zuggu Dan, along with five other vocal tracks and dub versions of three of the tracks including Rebel Love. One of these songs, Generations Will Rize, featured upcoming reggae giant, Kabaka Pyramid.

Her EP garnered critical acclaim and led to a full-length record, entitled Rebel Frequency, released in 2017. That release featured guest performances from Julian Marley, Raging Fyah, and Jah9, as well as featuring the collaboration with Kabaka Pyramid and one other track from the EP.

During her 2015 visit to the festival, after her Valley Stage appearance, Nattali appeared for a performance with ranking NorCal dancehall kings, Jah Warrior Shelter, in our late-night dancehall, and by all accounts she mesmerized the crowd assembled there while singing over specially mixed tracks she supplied. Truly a highlight for that year's festival, she obviously was enjoying the freedom of being able to perform in such an atmosphere. Though she confessed to a bit of nervousness, it was not apparent to the audience at the time!

SNWMF 2018 is pleased to again present Ms Rize to the SNWMF massive and look forward to hearing tracks from her LP as well as new material she may bring to the stage...and who knows, perhaps another surprise is in store for us this year as well!