SNWMF is very excited to welcome back our friends, NoMaddz! The NoMaddz is an eclectic musical group from Kingston, Jamaica heavily influenced by their dub poetry and theatrical background. Their unique music is spiced with a variety of genres while maintaining the spirit of Jamaican roots reggae. Chris Blackwell, the founder of Island Records, widely credited for discovering Bob Marley, told Rolling Stone Magazine that "there's a band called NoMaddz who are more like theatre than a group. They're actors. It's this whole audio-visual kind of thing. It's different. But they're really good, really talented and really smart."

The members are alumni of Kingston College and recipients of the Prime Minister's Youth Award for excellence, the highest state award for youths in the country. Their 2010 concert series 'The Trod Live' and the resulting album recorded around Kingston put the group on the map.

An endorsement deal with Puma in 2011 led to a series of TV commercials featuring the NoMaddz and Usain Bolt (the fastest man on earth!). The ads aired on MTV, VH1, TBS and many other channels internationally, in addition to being played in every Footlocker and Puma store worldwide.

Sheldon Sherperd and Everaldo "Evie" Creary, the NoMaddz co-leaders are both successful actors. Both were featured in "Better Mus' Come" a film for which Sheperd won the Best Actor award at the American Black Film Festival. Creary's other appearances include a 2010 recurring role on 'Elwood" in the British TV drama, Small Island (BBC).

Their debut studio album, Sly and Robbie presents No-Maddz, released in 2015 was well received by fans and critics alike. Saxon Baird of MTV Iggy described the album as "a first rate debut from a band that seems poised to offer great things to come."

NoMaddz live performance is an experience beyond explanation. Their exceptionally unique mix of music, theatre and fashion captivates audiences worldwide. They received a perfect score in the annual Jamaica Cultural Development Commission's performance arts festival.

The NoMaddz has toured extensively throughout Europe, Asia and the Americas, including appearances on major festivals such as Rhur and Reggae Jam Festival (Germany), Reggae Geel (Belguim), Daegu Festival (Korea) and Irie Jamboree (New York) to name a few.

The NoMaddz made their California debut at SNWMF 2015, and due to popular demand returned for an encore at SNWMF 2016. Look forward to a truly unique and uplifting performance at SNWMF25!