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The murder of Christine Hewitt-Gordon

Posted by Sista Irie 
The murder of Christine Hewitt-Gordon
July 02, 2006 06:18PM
I am really saddedned, not necessarily shocked, at the brutal death of entertainment industry member, Christine Hewitt last Thursday night. Her brutal death followed a week of violent crime resulting in the murder of three different women. Christine Hewitt was controversial, however, she was a strong advocate for reggae music as well as for the poor. She announced her attention to run for office with the PNP last April. What truly shocked me was how she was murdered, her ashes found in the backseat of a burned out SUV down a rural road about ten miles from Linstead. She was identified by her jewelry.

My condolences go out to the family of Christine Hewitt'Gordon. May Jamaica find some peace over the next few years. Hopefully, Portia Simpson may influence the country in a positive way.

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"love shines brighter than the morning sun"
Re: The murder of Christine Hewitt-Gordon
July 02, 2006 07:41PM
Senior detectives join probe into murder of Christine Hewitt
BY T K WHYTE Observer staff reporter
Saturday, July 01, 2006

THE police, up to last night, could not say what the motive was for Thursday's brutal murder of music promoter Christine Hewitt, the feisty, but charismatic and witty former host of TVJ's Man Talk.
HEWITT. last seen at Linstead in St Catherine Thursday evening

However, Inspector Steve Brown, the spokesman for the police's Operation Kingfish, said Police Commissioner Lucius Thomas has ordered the constabulary's Major Investigation Team (MIT) to work with the St Catherine North police in probing the death of Hewitt, whose charred remains were found in a burnt-out Townace minivan, registered 3451EU, along a lonely rural road at Bamboo District in Riversdale, St Catherine on Thursday night.

Inspector Brown said the police were looking at several leads into the murder. In the meantime, the police forensic laboratory analysts were yesterday busy collecting samples from the scene where Hewitt's body was found, as well as from the burnt shell of the van, which was removed to the Bog Walk police station, about six miles from Bamboo.

The police told the Observer that Hewitt on Thursday borrowed the minivan from a client in Kingston, who had hired her to do promotion work for a new drink.
According to the police, Hewitt, who left for St Ann, was seen at Faith's Pen in the afternoon with a passenger in the minivan. About an hour later, she was reportedly seen picking someone up in Linstead, St Catherine.

About 6:45 pm, residents of Bamboo, about 10 miles from Linstead, reported hearing explosions and called the Riversdale police station. On arrival, the police saw the minivan ablaze, but the vehicle was destroyed by the time firefighters arrived from Spanish Town, located more than 20 miles away.

The charred remains of a person was found on the back seat of the motor vehicle. Police said they identified the remains as that of a woman by the width of the hip bone. A gold ring and a female gold rope chain were also found.
The owner of the minivan, the police said, has since identified the vehicle as the one he had loaned to Hewitt.

"According to investigations we believe there was a vehicle that accompanied her van to the area. and she could have been killed when the van was set ablaze," a police investigator said.

Hewitt, a police source said, was sitting on the rear passenger seat of the vehicle at the time, while the speeding accompanying vehicle kept close.

"So far this is a mystery to us as to what happened between Faith's Pen and Bamboo, but we are on top of it as we are getting good intelligence," a detective corporal said.

"love shines brighter than the morning sun"
Re: The murder of Christine Hewitt-Gordon
January 03, 2007 07:56PM
" Christine Hewitt: A Jamaican Journalist and entertainer, said the
Bible (Word of God) was the worst book ever written, in June 2006
she was found burnt beyond recognition in her motor vehicle."

God is not mocked!

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Re: The murder of Christine Hewitt-Gordon
January 04, 2007 04:21AM
shut up you idiot
Re: The murder of Christine Hewitt-Gordon
January 04, 2007 01:36PM
Obviously, she never read Nick Hofnby's High Fidelity.

Re: The murder of Christine Hewitt-Gordon
January 04, 2007 02:38PM
Good one Penny...
Re: The murder of Christine Hewitt-Gordon
January 04, 2007 06:46PM
... not really considering the circumstances. There's nothing about this situation that's less than appalling.
Re: The murder of Christine Hewitt-Gordon
January 04, 2007 07:30PM
Freddy C, respect for the murdered(on an island where the murder rate
makes even Compton look subdued) notwithstanding, a jest about literature
is what Penny made, and it t'was noted. The situation is 'appalling', but
part of having a conscious mind is to retain a sense of humor in the face of that which appalls.

Actually, I'll be on that island for abt 10 days soon, and am all too aware
that when I visit, there are those I once knew in Jamaica who went too soon and went a violent way. And when I pass thru a corner that reminds me of someone
who's passed, I also hope I'll remember a moment shared with that person that made both of us laugh. So it go.
Re: The murder of Christine Hewitt-Gordon
January 04, 2007 07:48PM
papa ray, you hit mi real bad. BIG UP!
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