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Reggae Sweetheart Omeil

Posted by terry 
Reggae Sweetheart Omeil
July 24, 2004 04:40AM
What is the deal with people? You have any comment about what I am to say please leave it!

Why is the reggae scence so corrupted? From what I know in the island of Jamaica is you don't pay a DJ you don't play! So if you have the funds people like "Ms Thing" who can't sing to save here life get rotation, when you have a sweetheart like this new comer Omeil who get limited attention. I manage do a search and found this young lady website and it crazy how I never know nothing about her, but her music is so good! what's going on in the industry! Her video, music, looks,and etc., seem to be better production than 90% of Reggae artist stuff I have heard! But yet still she only get limited attention what the hell?

What goin on???

Why is this?
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