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New STX Release: East Bound 4!

Posted by aquaponics 
New STX Release: East Bound 4!
May 18, 2011 05:42PM
Just hit the streets, Ras Sagie and Nathan 'Skimo' Francis have done it again....East Bound 4: Street Mix!

1. Missing You (Victorious the Diva
2. Cry Jah (NyahLyan)
3. Judgement Morning (D-Harmony)
4. Wash Your Hearts (Rizen)
5. Marijuana (Boom Drop)
6. She's Calling (Genaral)
7. Up and Down (NyahLyan)
8. Who's Hating (Versitile)
9. Skinny Jeans (Genaral)
10. Soldiers (D-Harmony, Psalms a Day, Killa Cam)
11. Babylon (Jajamali)
12. Rolling Until (Sekhu)
13. Happy Days (Jajamali)
14. Unconditionally (NyahLyan)
15. Don't Worry (Genaral)
16. I'm For You (Versitile)
17. What She Does (D-Harmony)
18. Jah Love Shines (JahRonie)
19. Simple Things (Genaral)
20. Don't Leave (NyahLyan)
21. Stranger (D-Harmony)
22. Sweet Dreams (Jajamali)
23. Keep Us Strong (Papa Jublo)

I haven't even spun this entire CD yet. Just wanted to spread the news. I imagine Selam (viroots.com) will carry this one in the near future. You can contact me in the meanwhile if you need a copy and I can see about grabbing and sending for you.

With 4 Genaral songs on here, the CD will be considered heavy on auto-tune effects. I'll give it some time before I chime in with more comments...

But, EastBound 4 is Here!!
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