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twinkles materials

Posted by Ras_Adam 
twinkles materials
March 05, 2013 11:04AM
Twinkle Brothers Documentary film - request for material

New postby talawa » Wed Feb 27, 2013 12:13 pm

The Twinkle Brothers have been in the music business for over 50 years and we are celebrating this by making a 50 min film to document the band's history. The band have had a very interesting history starting out on the north coast hotel circuit, then finding their roots, putting out music independently on their own label. Also a big part of their history includes the strong link with the Trebunie Tutkie family from Zakopane in Poland. Theirs is a very interesting journey and one which is quite unique and should make a good film.

This is a Twinkle Music production produced by Norman Grant and myself Aron Shamash with no financial backing from a 3rd party or film company and with very little budget. We do however have the services of award winning film editor Simon Allmark who has worked on many Hollywood films to edit and shoot the interviews for the film.

We are aiming to make the best film we can but we need your help!

We already have:

- amazing interviews with Norman Grant, Ralston Grant, Bunny Lee, Jah Shaka, Gussie P and many more
- exclusive footage from a 'lost' tape of the Reggae Sunsplash 1982
- great recent video footage from the last 10 years filmed in Africa, UK and Poland

What we are lacking and what we would like you to help us with:

- still photos of the band from the early years 1970s if possible but 80s also would be good
- any video footage (or stills) of Jamaican countryside especially Falmouth
- any videos from earlier than 1990
- concert posters from any time before 1990
- label scans of some of the rarer singles produced in the very early years.

Anyone who supplies us with content which gets used in the documentary film will of course get a credit in the film and be invited to the party/private screening when the film is finished. We hope to get a rough cut finished by October this year.

If you have any of the above material and want to help with this amazing project please get in touch. If you know of anyone who may have this kind of material please let us know too.

You can email me on aronshamash@gmail.com

thanks very much in advance.
Re: twinkles materials
March 05, 2013 05:30PM
i'm a huge twinkle brothers fan and really look forward to this project!

i PM'd the guy almost a week ago to let him know i have one of those rare singles he's looking for to get a scan of the label, as well as a couple concert bills from the 80's, but never heard back.


* [www.kboo.fm]
* [www.shocksofsheba.podomatic.com]
Re: twinkles materials
March 06, 2013 03:16AM
I look forward to this! Thanks for the info
Re: twinkles materials
March 08, 2013 04:06PM
Re: twinkles materials
March 08, 2013 04:32PM
never really got into the twinkle brothers.

can you enlighten me on the essentials?
Re: twinkles materials
March 08, 2013 04:44PM
With some 65 albums having been released, there are lots of "essentials". Here's one of my top 10 Twinkle Brothers tunes:

Re: twinkles materials
March 08, 2013 05:45PM
Crucial tracks:

Since I Throw the Comb Away (before Midnite came around with their signature sound, the Grant brothers had a very similar groove going IMO)
Jahoviah (+ BIG dub)
I Don't Want to Be Lonely Anymore
Never Get Burn

And what Daniel said - SO many tunes, most with dubs... they definitely stay busy. smiling smiley

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Re: twinkles materials
March 08, 2013 09:23PM
If you are new to the Twinkle Brothers, I'd suggest Live at Sunsplash, Rasta Pon Top, Countrymen or my newest purchase from them, Bribery and Corruption, but really the Reggae Sunsplash is the one.
Re: twinkles materials
March 08, 2013 10:20PM
I have to recommend Jah Shaka- Dub Salute 5: featuring the Twinkle Brothers.

Heavy mitlitant dub versions of great Twinkles tracks. Hits hard when played loud. Ites.
Re: twinkles materials
March 08, 2013 10:36PM
From last years SNWMF, It's Only Rasta, Babylon Falling, I Don't Want To Be Lonely Anymore, Since I Throw The Comb Away, and Jahovia

Love that reggae!
Re: twinkles materials
March 08, 2013 10:53PM
never really got into the twinkle brothers.

can you enlighten me on the essentials?

Treez~> This album is a good way to get familiar ~> Trust me!

one love-juan love
Re: twinkles materials
March 11, 2013 05:00PM
nice. thanks for the suggestions. i used to have "since i threw the comb away" a long time ago, but it never really got me...maybe i didn't give it enough of a chance. will give these albums a gander.
Re: twinkles materials
March 11, 2013 06:32PM
"faith can move mountains" is one of my favorite Twinkle Bros. songs

FullWatts on your stereo...™
Re: twinkles materials
March 12, 2013 02:19PM
"Faith Can Move Mountains" and the entire 'Burden Bearer' ep was the piece that got me tuned in to the Twinkle Brothers.

But I say... Some Never Even Plant yet want to Reap,
If you run, be careful, try to look before you leap;
Took a little walk from my Vineyard...
Now I'm on my own
Now I'm left alone..
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