clinton fearon interview
December 13, 2013 06:26PM
clinton fearon is easily one of the most pleasant and humble human beings i have met. we thank him and his wife catherine for welcoming us into their home and for their generosity of time.

take a listen as clinton shares stories of making his first guitar as a youngster to his 18 years with the gladiators as well as his travels with his current band, the boogie brown band based in seattle.



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Re: clinton fearon interview
December 14, 2013 10:18AM
they're all in New Caledonia right now!

blessid love
ras danny
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Re: clinton fearon interview
December 14, 2013 02:59PM
thumbs up

Clinton's lyrics are so positive and uplifting. And some wonder why I'm so "judgmental" when it comes to reggae...Mr. Fearon's message has set the bar pretty high for me.

Thanks for the link MK!

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Re: clinton fearon interview
December 14, 2013 06:39PM
what a system

he and alric... damn some great music

thanks for your work to support and give more light to this artist

Re: clinton fearon interview
December 14, 2013 06:44PM
big up nick!

think about it truly..."a lion without a head" seems pretty accurate with such a solid group of musicians.
too bad the album never happened.


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Re: clinton fearon interview
December 14, 2013 07:45PM
Thanks MK for this thread. I've been jammin' Fearon all morning.

Re: clinton fearon interview
December 14, 2013 11:38PM
man, that's great jeff. I LOVE his music.

I've talked to a few gladiators fans that have never bothered to check clinton's solo/boogie brown stuff--and it's their loss.


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Re: clinton fearon interview
December 15, 2013 01:37AM
Re: clinton fearon interview
December 15, 2013 01:47AM
So might as well re-post these from nomo - BIG UP:

Re: clinton fearon interview
December 15, 2013 05:29PM
Bless MK..... Thanks for sharing the link. Love me some Clinton Fearon music , defiantly in my top 5 favorite artists......

BIG BIG SUPER BIG FORWARD FOR SNWMF 2014. 2 sets friday night on the village and Sunday late afternoon in the valley!!
Re: clinton fearon interview
December 16, 2013 02:53AM
Yush MK and T!!

That was soooo good, it got played twice...

Not sure what I enjoyed the most --- all the info & words from Clinton, the music you picked out or the way you put it altogether... let's call it a three way tie winking smiley - or would that be '3 the hard way' cool smiley

Clinton Fearon's nickname should be 'Mr. Melody' - if it's not already. Out of all the cds he's put out, each one is a pure high percentage of beautiful music, melody and lyrics. I don't think there are any duds, or songs I dislike, to be more specific, on the cds I've heard from him. Clinton Fearon is 'tuned in' to a lot of things, aint he...

And now that I've had a chance to just hear the guy talk music and things - it just jumps up the level or respect I have for him.

So an A+++ all around... you gonna do a part 2 spinning smiley sticking its tongue out Ya got me wantin' more...

Ites to you and T - respects...

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Re: clinton fearon interview
December 16, 2013 07:22PM
feedback like this is so nice. love seeing the interest and focus on clinton swell up!

and reading those words from someone like you reggaefan, who has so much love, respect and big knowledge of this music and culture is so appreciated by both of us -- it truly made teresa's day! she thanks you for checking the interview and for taking the time to comment on it.

part 2 is surely a real possibility, as there is certainly enough interest, music and life experience. we can chat privately about the interview more, but for sure this was a difficult interview to edit. it would have made a killer written/published interview, but it was a bit of a challenge to make it "radio friendly". it was so daunting a task that neither of us even touched or listened to it for over a month, until it REALLY became crunch time to edit the massive amount of discussion and have it ready for the promised date.

but this is the sort of challenging work that is good for the soul, and we are both pleased with how it turned out! most importantly, the feedback we got from clinton and catherine was incredible, and their kind words made all the hours of production work worth it.


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Re: clinton fearon interview
December 19, 2013 08:12PM
Well MK and T --- respect is always in order for what you two are doing to forward the music and the artists... and the works you two put out is always top shelf material.... and that's gotta be a result of you just not tossing things out there half-azzed... good works like this shine because you care about doing things inna quality stylee!

And I forgot to mention another trait I like with your interviews --- there is breathing room in your interviews. You never step all over the artists with endless interjections like some DJs do. This is something that I also appreciated when our main man Solid Nick interviewed an artist --- you actually got to hear the artist talk and not hear the DJ ramble on with how much he/she knows.

Please keep posting more and more of this kind of material - it's so much fun hearing artists talk about their Reggae stories whether it be past, present or future projects.
Re: clinton fearon interview
December 20, 2013 04:43AM
M, your other post regarding Word daughter is cleaning the game room tonight and lo and behold a long-lost Clinton Fearon cd showed up. Mi Deh Yah.

Karma, Word Sound, Cause and Effect,'s definitely going on.

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