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Max RASspect Boardies

Posted by lionheart707 
Max RASspect Boardies
April 04, 2005 05:56PM
Check in the nice vibes this Monday morning. I just want to give thanks for this online community and all of the upfull stronghearted bredrin and sistren that make this board special. My purpose for frequenting this baord is to stay as connected to the music and culture of this festival. I always meet great people at the festivals and I feel that I have met some great folks on this board.

Thanks to Jah Bill, Chimino, Ninjacat, Empress, Machona,TrinityMLK, Bun and The Man, for consistently sharing thier knowledge of the music and life. I have learned something from all of ya'll.

Zoki-You are hilarious thanks for the laughs. Big up- Jahmeek & Dirtweed Shaunsta-Keep your joy stay in the light.
Thanks to all boardies...keep the baord alive...

Re: Max RASspect Boardies
April 04, 2005 06:01PM
Oh, and PKW, you are an inspiration to me. I wish there were more youth like you in this country. Make something of your life. RASpect.
Re: Max RASspect Boardies
April 04, 2005 07:10PM
Agree wholeheartedly lionheart707 - big up!
Re: Max RASspect Boardies
April 04, 2005 10:09PM
bless up, lionheart!

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