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An educated guess ...

Posted by Sandman 
An educated guess ...
April 05, 2005 01:15AM
OK ...... I am making flight plangs to travel to Pheonix . I have been trying to see Steel Pulse for several years ( I know its weird.. but its a strange story over the years I have chances in Palm Springs , Ventura SNWMF but something has always come up ) But some last second emerency has come up.

I can not make it back before Saturday Am -

What are the chances Steel Pulse will play Friday night and what are the chances that they might play Sunday .
Re: An educated guess ...
April 05, 2005 02:06AM
more likely sunday but i hope not
Re: An educated guess ...
April 05, 2005 02:30AM
Sunday it shall be....
Re: An educated guess ...
April 05, 2005 02:38AM
So it is written so shall it be done

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Re: An educated guess ...
April 05, 2005 02:42AM
But if you don't come until Sattaday, you will miss some crucial music Sandman....
Re: An educated guess ...
April 05, 2005 02:44AM
bye "satta" day do you mean Abyssinians are playing that day?!?!?!?!?!?!?!
Re: An educated guess ...
April 05, 2005 09:08PM
SNWMF wouldn't put Pulse on a Friday. The acts on Friday usually aren't as big. Last year was good, but they stuck them on the small stage. Why do they do that? I hate to see a few hundred watching a world show at the big stage while 1000s are fighting for a spot at the small stage. Does anyone know why they do that when they know the majority prefers it teh other way? I don't mean any disrespect to the world acts, but most of the paying crowd wants big stage.
Re: An educated guess ...
April 05, 2005 09:27PM
Well I for one, like the village stage better. Maybe I am in the minority here, but a number of artists have also told me they prefer the village stage. You've got green grass and trees all around, and the compactness of that area makes for a nicer cosier vibe IMO. In addition to the intense heat from the sun, the valley stage also has one thing that the village stage doesn't..... DUST!!!!

Last year, Femi played on the valley stage while Dezarie and Ikahba were on the small stage. I don't think you could have gotten all of Femi's crew on the small stage to say nothing of the fact that, whether you like world music or not, Femi deserved to be on the big stage.
Re: An educated guess ...
April 06, 2005 05:50AM
Yes Daniel, Dezarie and Ikahba on the village stage in the cool evening with the green grass and trees (and the girls who shared some of their 5-gallon collapsable wine jug with mi empress and I) was pure niceness.


Re: An educated guess ...
April 06, 2005 06:21PM
The SteelPulse website says they come on sunday.
Alton Ellis was on the small stage when Femi was in the valley, Dezarie and Ikahba had already finsihed by the time Femi came on. I like the fact that they had good shows on both stages at the same time. It may make the crowds at each a little smaller, but a least this way there is pretty much always someone playing that you will enjoy no matter your tastes.
Re: An educated guess ...
April 06, 2005 06:22PM
I share everything at the festival really.
I wounld'nt miss a day of the fest if its possible, but it seems you will be...
Hmm I dont really have any info to offer. sorry
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