From Los Angeles, California comes Viernes 13. They bring a mixture of ska, surf, and Rockabilly.

In 1999 Viernes 13, new to the musical scene, performed in many backyards and American Legion halls. Viernes 13 was in such popular demand, that they decided to record their first self-titled EP. By the end of 1999 Viernes 13 became a household name in the ska scene and Viernes 13 traded performing in back yards and halls for performing alongside better known groups like The Slackers, The Mighty Mighty Bosstones and Master Hispanics at venues such as The Roxy Theater & House of Blues .

Viernes 13 differs from most ska bands through their use of bilingual lyrics, their incorporation of punk and lead singer Juan Pulido's signature look - long hair, tied back with a bandanna.

Their Spanish-sun masterpieces go from harmonized horn-heavy ballads about love lost - like their hit sing along single "Lagrimas de Agave" to fast and fun beats. One thing's for sure, Viernes 13's lively stage presence gets the crowd skankin!